Final programme

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Friday June 24th

8:40 – 10:20

1st session – Chair F. Darfeuille

  • O1 – Marc Vogel, Florian Groher, Martin Rudolph, Julia Weigand, Beatrix Suess
    Engineered riboswitches – an alternative means to control gene expression.
    Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
  • O2 – Sondes Guedich1, Mireille Baltzinger1, Stéphane Thore2, Eric Ennifa1, Philippe Dumas1, Dominique Burnouf1
    Folding Dynamics of TPP Riboswitches.
    1, IBMC-CNRS, Université de Strasbourg, France; 2, Université de Bordeaux, Inserm, CNRS, Bordeaux, F33000 France.

  • O3 David P. Horning1 and Gerald F. Joyce1
    Amplification of RNA by an RNA Polymerase Ribozyme
    The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA

  • O4 – Pascale Cossart
    Riboswitches : lessons from Listeria
    Pasteur Institute, Paris, France

10:50 – 12:10

2nd session – Chair E. Peyrin

  • O5Jean-Jacques Toulmé1, Eric Dausse1, Guillaume Durand1,3, Corinne Ravelet4, Eric Peyrin4, Laurent Azéma1.
    Kissing complex-based aptaswitches.
    1 ARNA Laboratory, Inserm U1212, CNRS UMR5320, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France
    2 Novaptech, Pessac, France
    3 Present address : Department of Nutrition, Health, and Agricultural Sector, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Gradignan, France
    4 Department of Molecular Pharmacology, University Grenoble Alpes, UMR 5063 CNRS, ICMG FR 2607, Saint-Martin d’Hères, France
  • O6 – D.D. Vo1, T.P.A. Tran1, A. Di Giorgio1, F. Darfeuille2, Cathy Staedel2, Maria Duca1
    Oncogenic microRNAs biogenesis as a drug target: new applications for synthetic RNA ligands
    1 Institut de Chimie de Nice (ICN) UMR7272
    2 Laboratoire ARNA, U1212, INSERM – Université de Bordeaux

  • O7 – Saki Matsumoto, Asako Murata, Kazuhiko Nakatani
    Regulation of gene expression by ligand-inducible –1 ribosomal frameshifting
    Department of Regulatory Bioorganic Chemistry, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR), Osaka University, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0047, Japan

  • O8 – Heiko Sievers
    Protein – nucleic acid interactions and enzymatic activity investigated with electro-switchable biosurfaces: switchSENSE
    Dynamic Biosensors GmbH, Martinsried, Germany

12:10 – 14:30

Lunch – Poster session 1

14:30 – 16:10

3rd session – Chair V. de Francisis

  • O9 – Clemens Entzian, Lukas Kniep, Corinna Kuttenberger, Thomas Schubert
    Studying aptamer-target interactions using MicroScale Thermophoresis
    2bind GmbH, Josef Engert Straße 13, 93053 Regensburg

  • O10Elisa Biondi1, Kwame Sefah2, Liquin Zhang2, Zunyi Yang1, Shuichi Hoshika1, Kevin M. Bradley1, Steven A. Benner1,3
    Development and Application of New Aptamer Technologies for Artificially Expanded Genetic Information Systems.
    1 Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution (FfAME), Alachua – FL, USA
    2 Department of Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainesville – FL, USA
    Firebird Molecular Sciences LLC, Alachua – FL, USA

  • O11- Adam A. Friedman, Rihe Liu
    Highly Stable Aptamers Directly Selected from a 2′-Fully Modified RNA Library
    Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry, Carolina Center for Genome Sciences, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA.

  • O12Philipp Holliger (SB2 lecture)
    Synthetic genetics: beyond DNA and RNA.
    MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Francis Crick Avenue, Cambridge CB2 0QH, UK

16:40 – 18:20

4th session – Chair G. Mayer

  • O13Ichiro Hirao
    Creation of high-affinity DNA aptamers using a genetic alphabet expansion system.
    Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, 31 Biopolis Way, The Nanos, #04-01, Singapore 138669

  • O14Curtis H. Lam, Nancy Ward1, Johnnie Engelhardt1, Montamas Suntravat2, Peter Davies2, Elda E. Sanchez2, David G. Gorenstein1
    Non-SELEX Selection of X-Aptamers for Snake Venom Myotoxin
    1 AM Biotechnologies, Houston, USA
    2 National Natural Toxins Research Center, Texas A&M University Kingsville, Kingsville, USA

  • O15Chenze Lu1,2,3, Arnaud Buhot1,2,3, Yoann Roupioz1,2,3, Didier Gasparutto1,2,3, Eric Peyrin4
    Target induced DNA self-assembling: detection of small targets by DNA network formation
    1 University Grenoble Alpes, INAC-SPrAM, F-38000 Grenoble, France
    2 CEA, INAC-SPrAM, F-38000 Grenoble, France
    3 CNRS, INAC-SPrAM, F-38000 Grenoble, France
    4 University Grenoble Alpes, DPM UMR 5063, Grenoble, France.

  • O16Eric Peyrin, Emmanuelle Fiore, Valérie Guieu, Sandrine Perrier, Corinne Ravelet
    Fluorescence Anisotropy Spectroscopy in Aptamer-based Biosensing
    Département de Pharmacochimie Moléculaire, Université Grenoble Alpes, UMR 5063 CNRS, ICMG FR 2607, Campus universitaire, Saint-Martin d’Hères, France

Saturday June 25th

08:40 – 10:20

5th session – Chair P. Giangrande

  • O17Günter Mayer1,2, Valeriy Domenyuk1, Zhenyu Zhong1, Adam Stark1, Jie Wang1, Sonal Tonapi, Heather O’Neill1, Nianqing Xiao1, Mark R. Miglarese1, Michael Famulok1,2,3, and David B. Spetzler1
    Adaptive Dynamic Artificial Poly-ligand Targeting (ADAPT): a highly multiplexed aptamer- based biomarker discovery platform
    1Caris Life Sciences, Phoenix, AZ
    2LIMES Program Unit Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry, University of Bonn, Germany
    3Chemical Biology Max-Planck-Fellowship Group, Center of Advanced European Studies and Research, Bonn, Germany.

  • O181 Flavia Zimbres, 2 Arthur A. Nery, 1*Carsten Wrenger, 2Henning Ulrich
    Aptamer Ligands for Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes
    1Department of Parasitology, Institute of Biological Sciences (ICB), University of São Paulo
    2Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of São Paulo, Brazil.

  • O19 – Miriam Jauset-Rubioa, Markéta Svobodováa, Teresa Mairala, Mohammad S. El-Shahawic, Abdulaziz S. Bashammakhc, Abdulrahman O. Alyoubic and Ciara K. O ́Sullivana,c
    Ultrasensitive β-conglutin detection via recombinase polymerase amplification-lateral flow competitive assay
    a Nanobiotechnology and Bioanalysis group, Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, 43007 Tarragona, Spai
    b Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, P. O. Box 80203, Jeddah 21589, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    c Institució Catalana de Recerca I Estudis Avancats, Passeig Lluís Companys 23, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

  • O20Larry Gold (SIRIC BRIO lecture)
    SOMAscan Protein Profiling and Clinical and Health Monitoring Utility.
    SomaLogic, Inc. – 2945 Wilderness Place – Boulder, CO 80301, USA

10:50 – 12:10

6th session – Chair B. Sullenger

  • O21Samie R. Jaffrey (TRAIL lecture)
    Imaging RNA and RNA biology using RNA mimics of green fluorescent protein
    Department of Pharmacology, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University New York, NY 10065, United States

  • O22 – Nam Nguyen Quang1,2,3, Clément Bouvier1,2,3, Benoit Lelandais1,2,3 and Frédéric Ducongé1,2,3.
    Improvement of aptamers using PATTERNITY-seq (high-throughput patterns paternity analysis).
    1The Neurodegenerative Diseases Laboratory (LMN), CEA-CNRS UMR 9199, Université Paris- Saclay, Fontenay aux roses, France
    2 Molecular Imaging Research Center (MIRCen), Institute of Biomedical Imaging (I2BM)
    3CEA SCIENCES, Fontenay aux roses, France.

  • O23Anna Zamay1, Mariia Komarova1, Andrey Narodov1,2, Galina Zamay1, Igor Grinev2, Tatiana Ivanchenko1, Dmitry Veprincev1, Olga Kolovskaya1, Yury Glazyrin1, Evgeniy Erakhtin2, Marina Petrova1, Ivan Artyukhov1, Ana Gargaun3, Maxim V. Berezovski3, Tatiana Zamay1
    Tumor Specific Aptamers Navigate Glioblastoma Neurosurgery
    1Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after prof. V.F. Voyno-Yasenetskii, Krasnoyarsk , Russia
    2Krasnoyarsk Inter-District Ambulance Hospital named after N.S. Karpovich, Krasnoyarsk, Russia;
    3University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

12:10 – 14:30

Lunch – Poster session 2

14:30 – 16:10

7th session – Chair F. Ducongé

  • O24 – Valeriy Domenyuk1, Zhenyu Zhong1, Jie Wang1, Adam Stark1, Xixi Wei1, Patrick Kennedy1, Brandon Toussaint1, Radhika Santhanam1, Symon Levenberg1, Nianqing Xiao1, Mark R. Miglarese1, David Halbert1, George Poste2, Michael Famulok3,4, Günter Mayer4 and David B. Spetzler1.
    Plasma Exosome Profiling of Cancer Patients by a Next Generation Systems Biology Approach Using Large Aptamer Libraries
    1Caris Life Sciences, Phoenix, AZ
    2Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative, Arizona State University, Scottsdale, AZ 85257, USA
    3Chemical Biology Max-Planck-Fellowship Group, Center of Advanced European Studies and Research, Bonn, Germany;
    4LIMES Program Unit Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry, University of Bonn, Germany

  • O25 – Darija Muharemagic1, Anna S. Zamay1,2, Shahrokh M. Ghobadloo1, John C Bell3, Maxim V. Berezovski1
    Aptamer-facilitated Protection of Oncolytic Virus from Neutralizing Antibodies
    1Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    2Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
    3Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;

  • O26Jean Gariépy1,2,4, Ismat Khatri3, Kathak Vacchani5, Cari Whyne 4,5, Diane Nam5, Marzena Cydzik4, Reginald Gorczynski3, and Aaron Prodeus1,4
    A DNA aptamer that acts as a CD200R1 immune checkpoint agonist in vitro and in vivo and recognizes both human and mouse CD200R1
    1 Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
    2 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
    3 Department of Immunology, University of Toronto
    4 Physical Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Canada
    5 Holland Musculoskeletal Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Canada

  • O27H. Tom Soh
    Continuous, Real-Time Detection of Biomolecules in Live Animals
    Department of Electrical Engineering and Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, USA

16:40 – 18:20

8th session – Chair B. Suess

  • O28 – William H Thiel1 , Carla L Esposito2 , David D Dickey1 , Justin P Dassie1, Matthew E Long3, Joshu Adam1 , Jennifer Streeter1, Brandon Schickling1 , Maysam Takapoo1, Katie S Flenker1, Julia Klesney-Tait1, Vittorio de Franciscis2, Francis J Miller Jr1,4 , Paloma H Giangrande1

    Cell-targeted RNA therapies for Hyperproliferative Cardiovascular Disease

    1 Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242, USA
    2Istituto di Endocrinologia ed Oncologia Sperimentale, CNR, Naples, Italy
    3Department of Microbiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98109, USA
    4 The Veterans Affair Medical Center, Iowa City, IA, USA 52242, USA

  • O29 – Rassa Faryammanesh1, Katharina Berg1, Tobias Lange2, Daniel Wicklein2, Udo Schumacher2 and Ulrich Hahn1
    Aptamers to inhibit cancer cell adhesion
    1University of Hamburg, MIN-Faculty, Chemistry Department, Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hamburg, Germany ;
    2University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, University Cancer Center, Institute of Anatomy and Experimental Morphology, Hamburg, Germany
  • O30Bruce Sullenger, Ruwan Gunaratne, James Frederiksen, Kady-Ann Steen-Burrell, Bethany Gray
    Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications of Rapidly Reversible Aptamers
    Duke Translational Research Institute, Department of Surgery, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA

  • O31Brett Schrand1, Bhavana Verma1, Agata Levay1, Shradha Patel1, Iris Castro1, Oliver Umland2, Ana Paula Benaduce3, Randall Brenneman1, Eli Gilboa1, Adrian Ishkanian3.
    Vegf-targeted 4-1BB costimulation enhances radiation-induced immune control of tumor growth
    1Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Dodson Interdisciplinary Immunotherapy Institute, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami, MSOM, Miami, Florida
    Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami, MSOM, Miami, Florida
    3Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Miami, MSOM, Miami, Florida.

  • O32 – Carla Lucia Esposito, Silvia Nuzzo, Anna Rienzo, Silvia Catuogno and Vittorio de Franciscis
    Aptamer carriers for Cancer Stem Cell-Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic miRNAs
    Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology – CNR, Naples, Italy