Aptamers in Boulder

We are sorry to announce that after much consideration we are postponing this year’s Aptamers in Boulder Symposium until 2022 due to ongoing concerns with the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Aptamer 2016 congress meeting symposium

Core subjects

in vitro selection methodology

Analytical applications


Bio- and nano-technology




Confirmed speakers

Jack W Szostak, Ph.D.

Jack W Szostak, Ph.D.

Nobel Prize Laureate, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Harvard University


Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty, Ph.D.

Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty, Ph.D.

OTAT Deputy Associate, Director for Research, Research Chemist, Principal Investigator U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Yamuna Krishnan, Ph.D.

Yamuna Krishnan, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

University of Chicago

Günter Mayer, Ph.D.

Günter Mayer, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemical Biology & Aptamers

University of Bonn

Muthiah (Mano) Manoharan, Ph.D.

Muthiah (Mano) Manoharan, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Anna Marie Pyle, Ph.D.

Anna Marie Pyle, Ph.D.

Sterling Professor of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

Professor of Chemistry Yale University

Scientific Committee


Jean-Jacques Toulmé

Inserm – University of Bordeaux


Larry Gold

SomaLogic Inc.
Boulder, CO, USA

Bruce Sullenger Aptamers in Bordeaux 2016

Bruce Sullenger

Duke University
Durham, NC, USA


Frédéric Ducongé

Fontenay aux Roses, France


Paloma Giangrande

University of Iowa
Iowa City, IO, USA

Past partners & sponsors

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Please check back with us to learn about our sponsorship plans for 2022.



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The Organizing Committee


Larry Gold, Ph.D. Chairman & Founder, SomaLogic / Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Ph.D. Université de Bordeaux

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