Aptamers in Boulder

Aptamers in Boulder is an international conference on Aptamer Biology, Chemistry and Technologies.

The conference will take place in Boulder on July 31 – August 1, 2020
at Butcher Auditorium – University of Colorado, Boulder

Aptamer 2016 congress meeting symposium

Core subjects

in vitro selection methodology

Analytical applications


Bio- and nano-technology




Invited speakers

Dr. Brenda Bass

Dr. Brenda Bass

Distinguished Professor & H.A.  and Edna Benning Presidential Endowment Chair
Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Utah

Donald H. Burke, Ph.D.

Donald H. Burke, Ph.D.

Professor & Interim Chair, Dept of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
University of Missouri

Dr. Tom Cech

Dr. Tom Cech

Distinguished Professor

Director, BioFrontiers Institute, Boulder, CO

Dr. Andrew Ellington

Dr. Andrew Ellington

Fraser Professor of Biochemistry
University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Nebojsa Janjic

Dr. Nebojsa Janjic

Chief Science Officer
SomaLogic Inc.
Boulder, CO, USA
Dr. David Perrin

Dr. David Perrin

Professor, Department of Chemistry
The University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr. Beatrix Suess

Dr. Beatrix Suess

Professor, Chemical and Synthetic Biology
Technical University, Darmstadt, Germany

Scientific Committee


Jean-Jacques Toulmé

Inserm – University of Bordeaux


Larry Gold

SomaLogic Inc.
Boulder, CO, USA

Bruce Sullenger Aptamers in Bordeaux 2016

Bruce Sullenger

Duke University
Durham, NC, USA


Frédéric Ducongé

Fontenay aux Roses, France


Paloma Giangrande

University of Iowa
Iowa City, IO, USA

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The Organizing Committee


Larry Gold, Ph.D. Chairman & Founder, SomaLogic / Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Ph.D. Université de Bordeaux

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